Arkanas del Banco Sumi 20191220001
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Limbert Gonzales, 2019

Material: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 71 x 97 cm

The painting shows the environment in which the Curandero or Shaman has reached a very high level of healing knowledge which is the Banco Sumi level and where he is protected by many different power animals.

In the upper right corner we see the shaman and the hummingbirds (picaflores) symbolizing the messengers of divine wisdom, surrounded by Tingunas (the little lights, light beings). Below that the spirit of the horse and three sirenitas (mermaids). The different faces are the head spirits of the different medicinal plants. The Yacumama, the head spirit of the water, blows a green ray of energy towards the shaman. Below right is a bufeo (dolphin), symbolizing the female energy. The blue jaguar (yanapuma) in the lower-left corner symbolizes protection.

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