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Juan Amaringo, 2018

Material: Oil and acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 57 x 76 cm

The third eye ("Tercer Ojo") is located on the forehead between the two eyebrows. It is said to be the eye of our intuition, through which we can see the Truth, passed the limitations of our two physical eyes. In the painting we see six of the seven rainbow colors bordering the third eye, representing the qualities of the related chacras: indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

In the central upper part of this work we can observe a thinking human being: the focal point of the third eye. We also observe a beautiful female who represents the medicinal plant mother, radiating light towards the environment including the human being. A strong spiritual being full of energy.

In the upper right side we observe a Gavilan (bird of prey species) Arcana (protection) which guards or protects the work and the spiritual place of the shamanic maestros.

On the upper-left side we see a celestial Unicorn, which represents the protection (Arcana) of another maestro curandero (shaman).

In the center part we see the big leaves of a plant called Patiquina, which radiates the magnetic energy of its inner poison, that protects the maestro curandero from the malevolent actions of sorcerers (hechicero).

The two hummingbirds (picaflor, tonkiri) in this painting represent the purifying energy that cleans the ceremony space.

On the right side we see a Jaguar (otorongo) who also represents protection (“arcana”).

In the lower part we can see a sling of green, yellow and pink color, that represent “Tingunas”. The Tingunas are in constant movement, change of colors, transformation, forming people, animals and things.

In the lower left side we see a maestro curandero (shaman) of the Shipibo-Conibo ethnic group, who, with his breath and the help of his Cashimbo (ritual pipe) tries to persuade the negative vibes as part of a shamanic healing.

At the lower right side we see a woman making a malevolent blow against the maestro curandero in an attempt to remove him from the place of healing where he is working. This symbolizes the dualistic nature of the traditional Amazonian shamanism in which good and bad forces co-exist.

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