Espíritus de la Madrecita 20210910001
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Roberth Amaringo, 2021

Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm

The traditional medicine ceremonies in the Amazon allow us to observe different beings with different looks and ornaments, hidden in the dense and often inaccessible rainforest. Numerous species of birds, wild animals, insects, plants, trees that each fulfill their role in the ecosystem on a physical and spiritual level. Inconspicuous, small plants and animals often play a surprisingly significant role in the spiritual plane. In the painting we see the jaguar (otorongo) that symbolizes protection and integrity. The snakes are great healers (aesculapius) and perform different functions that wisely help to meditate on our actions towards the environment that surrounds us. The owl stands for wisdom. We also see little star-like figures, the tingunas, energy of the medicine songs. In the lowe-right we see the flowers of the Toe, one of the medicinal master plants.

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