Iniciacion shamanica (replica) 20190918002
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Anderson Debernardi

Material: High-resolution print on canvas
Dimensions: 62 x 79cm

This painting represents a dual experience between me and my friend Ramon, like a mix of his vision and mine. It is inspired by the apprentice process of a student in becoming a curandero. The strict process on this path that is traditionally passed from father to son, grandfather to grandson or uncle to nephew. The medicine gives strict rules that need to be respected. For example to avoid all kind of poisons that interfere with the dieta like sugar, alcohol, spices and sex. The maestro curandero (shaman) is really important in this process as a guide, a portal, a protector, a teacher and a trustee. The medicine as well is crucial. During the experience, a connection is made with spiritual entities like the Sachamama (mother snake in the Inka tradition), golden cities/palaces, aliens, the anaconda (one of the vibration representations of the medicine) etc.

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