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Roberth Amaringo, 2021

Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 32 x 53 cm

This painting of Roberth symbolizes the work of the traditional shaman in the Amazonian tribes in cleansing the soul of people from spiritual attachments, crossed energies and energy blockages.
The shaman, with his various Ikaros (medicine songs), attracts multiple elements of flourishing cleansing, ridding the people of difficulties that hinder the proper performance of projects or other activities they are concerned with. All bad energies are dissolved in this process.

We see different symbols that are typical for the Neo-Amazonian style: the hummingbirds are the messengers of divine wisdom that help the shaman and the participants in a ceremony. The snake is a symbol for healing as the Aesculapius in the western tradition. The eagle assists the shaman in grabbing away the heavy energies from people. We also see different medicinal plants used by the shaman like the Toe, Chacruna and Yage.

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