Los Encantos de las Sirenas (Very large) 20211014002
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Ener Diaz, 2021

Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 71 x 114 cm

The central theme of the painting is the significance of sirenas (mermaids) in the traditional medicine ceremonies in the rainforest. The sirenas are a source of inspiration for certain Ikaros (medicine songs), especially the Huarmicaro that turns the ceremony into a celebration that brings joy and also tears from the heart that overflows. It can bring deep feeling of affection and love to the surface towards a partner, relatives or friends. The medicine cleans the atmosphere of the ceremony and of those who are participating in it.
We see different other beings in the painting that play an important role in the ceremonies: the healing snake (Aesculapius), hummingbirds (messengers of wisdom), the owl (buho) representing wisdom as well and the jaguar that represents protection and integrity.

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