Maestros Espirituales

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Noe Macedo Nolorve, 2019

Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm

Noe was one of the long-time teachers at the Usko Ayar school of Pablo Amaringo and he still teaches the painting style to children in the traditional way. He mainly paints visionary paintings and less the nature sceneries that are also typical for the style.

This painting, that is full of the typical symbolism, is about the maestros and maestras that visit us in our dreams and healing ceremonies. Their work is to teach us their knowledge about medicinal plants and healing sonks (Ikaros) and how these can be used for healing and prosperity. Without doubt this transfer of ancient knowledge is very valuable. The snake in this painting represents the huayra mama, the spirit of the wind, that transports us to the spiritual universe and learns us to know the spiritual cities of the world and heaven. The maestro in the center of the painting has taken the (spiritual) form of the Otorongo (jaguar).

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