Mis guardianes de sueños / My dream keepers (Large)

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Gledis Panduro, 2020

Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 118 x 88 cm

The central point of the painting is a sleeping woman in the center, surrounded by her dream keepers: the Boa (healer), the Hummingbirds (messengers of divine wisdom), the Yana Puma (black jaguar) in the lower left and the Otorongo (jaguar) in the lower right (both strong protectors in the cosmovison of the Amazon).
The water symbolizes the tears of the painter: “The painting symbolizes a very significant dream I had and therefor I identify with it. I am proud to carry a Shipibo pseudonym that a Shipiba grandmother gave to me years ago: Roninkate (ronin = boa) (kate = woman). Roninkate is the mother of all waters and this is how I feel connected with her, a Boa (healing force) sprouting from my head and all around I found the hummingbirds and the otorongos who told me that they came to protect me. At first I was very scared and I cried and cried and the tears formed a spring but the hummingbirds came and said “calm calm” and brought tranquility.
A combination of warm (yellow/orange) and cold (blue/violet) colors is used in the painting. The painting is a fusion of the personal expression of the painter and the traditional elements in the Neo-Amazonian style.

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