Muyuruna 20210710003
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Anderson Debernardi, 2019

Material: Signed hi-res print on canvas
Dimensions: 59 x 78 cm

There are different levels of shamans in the Peruvian rainforest: the Banco, Muyuruna and Sumiruna (Meztizo terms from the North of Peru; Loreto and San Martin). The painting is a beautiful vision of the very powerful Sumiruna shaman. He is a Muraya with powers and allies linked to the sea world. A Sumiruna has the power to control aquatic plants and the beings that live under the surface: bufeitos (dolphins), sirenitas (mermaids), mantarayas (rays), aguilas (eals), the yacuruna (the underwater people), the yacu caballa (underwater horses) etc. The Sumiruna is able to descend in the depths of the waters and visit the temples and all the creatures that exist there and call their powers.

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