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Gledis Panduro, 2021

Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 60 x 85 cm

I named the work "Núcleo" because I believe that the ancestral medicine plays a central part in maintaining the integrity of the human being.
In the central part we see half of the face of a woman and the other half Guacamayos (macaws). Below and right of the face of the woman we see intertwined lianas. On the left we see the face of an Otorongo (jaguar). Below the face of the Otorongo there are two hummingbirds with feathers in their beaks. In the lower central part we see a scene of healing with the medicine and right of it we see visualized the Icaros (sacred healing songs) that are sung or whistled during the medicine work. The cold colors such as green-blues transmit a sense of calm tranquility.
The hummingbird symbolizes a messenger of wisdom. The Guacamayo (macaw) is the spirit of the sky. The face of the Otorongo (Jaguar) symbolizes protection and balance. The Tingunas are glowing ornaments in the midst of darkness.
The inspiration of this work is based on the ancestral knowledge and the fauna and flora and specifically also the sacred medicinal plants known by my people. I feel a close connection with these. I practice the customs of my culture and so I take care of preserving it.

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