Pipa de la Abuelita 20200102004
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Limbert Gonzales, 2019

Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 58 x 78 cm

Limbert was one of the long-time teachers at the Usko Ayar school and like most of the other alumni, he paints natural sceneries of the Amazonian rainforest next to paintings about the cosmovision of the Amazonian tribes.

As the title suggests the theme of this painting is the tobacco pipe of an indigenous maestra, the grandmother, a female shaman. During a healing ceremony, the maestra smokes the pipe to see the birth of many elements that help in the healing process. The Otorongo (jaguar) provides stability during the ceremony. We see tree spirits and the hummingbird (picaflor) that is the messenger of divine wisdom. The snake is a healer as well (like the Aesculapus). The eagle is there to remove the heavy energies.

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