Protectores del Sumiruna 20200206003
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Limbert Gonzales, 2019

Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 220 x 140 cm

The Sumiruna, the master of the air, earth and water worlds, is the third level of Amazonian shamanism. Jaguars provide stability during the ceremony of these maestros. The hummingbirds help the Sumiruna to remove the ills of the people with their exquisite nectar and flower fragrances and they are also messengers of divine wisdom. The snake that is born from the vine represents the wisdom and intelligence of medicine (Aesculapus). You can see the universe within the jungle and the spirits that provide oxygenation. And as protector the sparrow hawk Arkana (protection).
You can see the old archon, protector of plants, trees and flowers, who teaches the shaman the use of these plants and flowers. The dolphins are the teacher's guides in the water. The pink flowers in the lower left corner is Bobinsana, one of the medicinal plants.

You can see in the center the spiritual elevation of the shaman where he enters the spiritual palace where he receives the teachings of the use of the plants.

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