Remo-Caspi 20191201002
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Roberth Amaringo, 2019

Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 59 x 78 cm

The painting shows the head spirit of the Remo Caspi tree. This very strong and long-lasting tree is called like this because the peasants use it in the manufacturing of their oars, to help transport the canoes on the banks and streams. Shamans use it to make medicinal drinks that prevent and heal joint ailments. They diet with the tree to strengthen their physical and spiritual capacity in the traditional dieta. The painting scene shows the strengthening by medicine.

The jaguar provides protection in the ceremony. The hummingbirds, the messengers of the divine beings, provide healing aromas. The shaman in the lower right corner guides the healing ceremony in the shade of the jungle in humbleness, calling and leading the spiritual beings with the ikaros (medicine songs) that he plays on his flute. The green female faces symbolize spirits of the Remo Caspi tree.

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