Resguardando a la doncella de la flauta 20210601001
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Tembo Taba Martínez, 2019

Material: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 72 x 98 cm

The painting is a remarkable variation of the Ne—Amazonian style that is typical for the painter.
The beautiful doncella (maiden) who plays the flute, guarded by a group of otorongo spirit animals (jaguars). The otorongo symbolizes strong protection and also the eyes of innocence: being exactly what you are without pretending to be anything else. The hummingbirds (picaflor, tonkiry) are the messengers of divine wisdom. Below them, the Lotus flower at the left and the madrecita healing vine on the lower-left radiating energy to the surroundings. Master plant teachers. They are all illuminated by the full moon and the stars. The palace symbolizes the divine spheres. The owl at the left symbolizes wisdom. The purple woman with the flower hanging from her ear is the head spirit of Toe and the purple woman at the right symbolizes another plant head spirit.

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