Robert Pelaco Montes Amaringo - Maestro Shipibo 20180505005-012
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Acrylic on canvas 2017
A Shipibo maestro carrying out his healing with tobacco smoke in a traditional Amazonian dieta. The painting contains many strong symbols. The colorful star-like patterns at the bottom present angelic healing guides. The jaguar at the left stands for protection while the owl presents wisdom as in western culture. The pink dolphin represents the feminine aspect. The city in the upper left corner is the angelic realm where the angelic beings reside. In blue at the right of the shaman you see different protective spirits and grandfather figures facilitating the maestro in his work. At the upper right, the universe is visualized.
Robert is a nephew of the late Pablo Amaringo and many recognize the energy of Pablo in his style.

Dimensions: 40 (wifth) by 59 (height) cm.

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