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José Luis Ysmino, 2021

Material: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 78 x 58 cm

The Eye on the jungle is one of the themes in the work of the painter. It holds a message of hope for a furture in which beauty and harmony Poetic description of the painter:
I kidnap the truth, I feed on hope, the monarch butterfly discovers and cares for the cave of the sensitive eye, with arduous persevering migrations it travels through the humid forest and thus rests on your green eyelids.
An eye that wishes to see the restored land, an eye that you call to natural sleep and persuade the summer hunters, the jungle curls at your window, the hummingbirds celebrate the fight every morning.
Flamboyant and warm landscape of caramelized sky, you manage to shine absolute virtues, from a tadpole to the nascent gaze of a rational being, the white herons enjoy the banquet of nature, they draw us abundance of food.
The textures of the plants dotted with colors and singing neighbors confirm your desire..

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