Shaman adquiriendo Poder en la Dieta 20190910001
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Roberth Montes Amaringo, 2019

Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 59 x 72cm

The painting presents a traditional Shipibo shaman from the rainforest of Peru. Both his shirt and the vase before him are decorated with Shipibo patterns. His face is human but you also see the jaguar (ototongo) in the right half symbolizing protection. The jaguar also symbolizes purity: it is what it is and doesn’t hide anything. The owl (Buho) above the head of the shaman stands for wisdom. In the upper-left corner you can see the divine sphere and also the Aya vine, aquila and pink dolphins. The latter symbolize the female principle. In the upper right corner you als see the jaguar, the Aguila and vine and below in blue the path of witchcraft (brujeria). In the lower left you see other medicinal plants and the yacumama (spirit of the water). In the lower right you see an Inka priest.

In the traditional diet (“dieta”), that can take several weeks for each plant or tree, the Shaman reinforces his energies. In the subsequent ceremonies with the medicinal plants, the healing powers of this natural medicine is integrated in the body and mind of the Shaman, giving him/her the power to heal others.

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