Sirenita Misteriosa Warmisita (Very large) 20211129001
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Ener Diaz, 2021

Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 74 x 114 cm

The theme of the painting is the love bond between partners, symbolized by the mermaid (Sirena) and enforced by the warmi ikaro (warmi means woman and ikaro is a medicine song). The charm and good spirits generated by the warmi Ikaro are related to our emotional and romantic feelings towards a partner. The presence of the mermaid, which is synonymous with a supernatural romance, shows the love that every couple yearns to find. In the cosmovision of the Amazonian tribes, the mysterious and beautiful warmisita called sirena conquers with her charms her loved one and convinces him to connect to her, to then kidnap him and take him to the depths of the rivers where she offers him her love and happiness for eternity. The sirena and warmi Ikaro are surrounded by its arcana (protection: jaguar, owl, eagle, dolphin, eel) so that it does not suffer the damage of evil or envy.

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