Sueños de Toe (Floripondio)

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Limbert Gonzales, 2019

Material: Acrylic and oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 55x75 cm

Limbert was one of the long-time teachers at the Usko Ayar school and like most of the other alumni, he paints natural sceneries of the Amazonian rainforest next to paintings about the cosmovision of the Amazonian tribes.

The theme here is the dieta in which Floripondio, one of the medicinal plants gives its teachings in a vision or dream. The beings that provide oxygenation to the Floripondio flowers also help with the teaching and healing. The woman in the upper-left corner and the flowers in the upper-right corner represent the Floripondio. The picaflores (hummingbirds) represent the messengers of divine wisdom, the snake is considered a healer spirit (Aesculapus), the orange-red stars are Tingunas, light beings and the women below are the ones receiving the healing.

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