Tingunas de Florecimiento 20201008001
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Ener Diaz, 2020

Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 53 x 78 cm

The theme of this painting in green is a traditional medicine ceremony with the shaman using his quena flute to guide the energies in the ceremony. When the ceremonies reaches a space of mariación in tranquility, delight and joy, the medicine radiates multicolored figures (tingunas) through the Ikaros, chants or flute play that the shaman uses in that moment.

We see the different power animals that are called into the ceremony, each with their specific meaning: the snake (aesculap) represents healing, the eagle takes away the heavy energies, the jaguar (otorongo) is a strong protector and the hummingbird (picaflor) is the messenger of divine wisdom.

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