Trance-shamanica - Noya Rao (replica) 20190918001
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Anderson Debernardi

Material: Signed high-resolution replica on Canvas
Dimensions: 59 x 43 cm

The first time I heard of “Noya-Rao”, it was for me one of the most phenomenal stories I ever heard. “Noya-Rao” is a mythical tree that for a long time was hidden as a sacred tree inside the Shipibo culture. It inspired me deeply and this is how “Trance Shamanica” was born. The beautiful woman in the central part above is the goddess who lives and cares for the mythical tree within the Shipibo culture. It has leaves that are luminescent at night. That is why it is named the tree of illumination, inspiring love and harmony. You have to enter into a traditional shamanic dieta to really feel its benefits… Combined with the inspiration of the aya mother, it made me realize this painting.

The bufeos (pink dolphins) represent the female principle. The snake (Aesculapus) is a healer spirit. The Toe is a strong medicinal plant spreading its aroma in the ceremonies.

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