Warmi Ikaros 20210811001
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Robert Amaringo, 2021

Material: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 60x80cm

The theme of the painting is the Warmi Ikaro, one of the traditional medicine songs related to healing or establishing a strong bond between partners, causing the desire to dance freely for the participants. The bufeos (dolphins) at the bottom of the painting are related to this ikaro and also symbolize the female principle. The dualism of male and female is also reflected in the two colors of the painting - night and day, heaven and Earth. The painting also reflects the healing and spiritual cleansing of the medicinal plants, like the medicine vine in the center and the Toe flower on the right. Next to the befeos, we see the head of the yana puma (black jaguar) symbolizing strong protection and integrity, the owl that symbolizes wisdom, the butterfly that symbolizes transformation and the hummingbirds that are the messengers of divine wisdom.

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