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MATERIAL: Acrylic on Canvas
DIMENSIONS: 70 x 50 cm

The title refers to the protection of the medicinal plants of the rainforest. This protection, "arcana," in the cosmovision of the tribes, consists of the power animals, master plants and light beings with whom you are connected and who are by your side in life and in ceremony. Your ancestors are part of that. The spiritual animals in the upper right of the "flying ship" are the icaros (medicine songs) that the ancestors used for protection in ceremonies. The man with the pipe is the spiritual master singing the icaros. The crew members in the flying ship are all of us all attending a ceremony for the purpose of surrendering ourselves to the healing of the medicine and allow ourselves to be transported into the past, present or future. The name of the icaro is rapra wasi which means flying house. There are many flying houses where you can board in a group. board. This knowledge is ancestral and is brought by the hummingbird with the bow. You see him with his bow and arrow ready to direct the speed of transportation. He leads us to a place of ancestral learning. In that place are many different forms of flying saucer- like houses.

Paintings come with a description of the painting and symbols, and a bio of the painter.

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