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Harri Mires, 2023

MATERIAL: Ampiri (pasta) de tobacco on acrylic basis on Canvas
DIMENSIONS: 60 x 80 cm

Tobacco is one of the 369 plants that is allied to the knowledge of the medicinal vine of the Amazon rainforest and plays an important role in the local culture. It is considered a strong protector and cleansing spirit in ceremonies. The plant was used in dietas also to acquire knowlegde about planting and harvesting (planting on full moon, harvesting 90 days later on new moon etc). It this painting, tobacco is presented in the form of a shaman with his pipe sitting on the ayahuasca leaves that offer him the portal to each of the plants and their knowledge. Then you can see the moths, the eggs and the caterpillars, which symbolize the process of rebirth with each ceremony. The temple with the columns means the connection between the angelic realms and our world. If you see one of these elements in your vision, it is because tobacco is present protecting the ceremony.

Paintings come with a description of the painting and symbols, and a bio of the painter.
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