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MATERIAL: Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
DIMENSIONS: 70 x 120 cm

The theme of the painting is the shamanic purification and healing of a Shipiba woman by the curandero (shaman) and the protective plants and animals that he calls to help in the process. In the center, we see a Shipiba woman, who is being cleaned by an anaconda (Aesculapius, healer). This usually happens when the woman is expecting a baby in her womb. The maestro curandero of the community also heals and cleans with medicinal plants from our Amazon that were picked when the full moon is at its peak. He also calls the protectors of water, sky and earth, to succeed in his healing. We see the jaguars (otorongos) that symbolize protection and purity. The eagle grabs away the heavy energies of people. The hummingbird is the messenger of Divine wisdom and the macaw’s wing (guacamayo) is a protector of the sky above us.

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