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MATERIAL: Acrylic on Canvas, 2021
DIMENSIONS: 108 x 80cm

In this work we can appreciate a variety of elements and movements. The red-orange warm colors that predominates in the work and a cold bluish color on the right side, giving an accent of calm.

This work is a personal experience based on the ancestral medicine called ayahuasca. The medicine takes you deeper, deepens your consciousness and activates generation of neurons. "In my work I capture this so I can pass some of the experience on to people. The ikaro (sacred sublime medicine song) steers the energies. I could feel and see many things. Scenes within the invisible or spiritual world. The ikaro of the curandero enables you to explore, taking you where you least imagine and giving you personal growth and gratitude towards nature when applied by a pure healer/curandero."

Do you also recognize more than 15 faces in the painting?

Paintings come with a description of the painting and symbols, and a biography of the painter.

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