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MATERIAL: Acrylic on Canvas
DIMENSIONS: 50 x 61 cm


A painting in the ‘celaje Jade’ technique. In this painting we see three waterfalls that are typical for the selva alta, the high rainforest around Pucallpa in Peru. On the left bank we see the Situlli plant and the Ajo Sacha flowers. In the foreground is the medicinal vine. On the right bank you can see the tangled forest with different trees.
In the foreground we can see a Renacal tree with aerial plants on its branches. It also houses different mosses, lianas and climbers. There are some little monkeys, called huasas or maquisapa. There is also a Bijau plant: the Ucayalino people use its leaves to make typical regional foods. The Jade color represents the color of Nature, with its shades of green. It is life. In the foreground in the center we see the small deers.

Paintings come with a description of the painting and symbols, and a bio of the painter.

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