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Deny Efer, 2023

MATERIAL: Acrylic on Canvas
DIMENSIONS: 70 x 120 cm

A visionary painting that expresses the 'cosmovision' of the rainforest tribes. At the top right we see the curandero (shaman) guiding a healing ritual with mapacho tobacco, the smoke of which is considered a sacred purifying medicine. The curandero is often associated with the jaguar which represents integrity and strong protection. He also uses other power animals such as the eagle that takes away the heavy energy in people. At the bottom we see a Shipibo woman preparing a remedy from medicinal plants. At the bottom we also see the flowers of the chiric sanango, one of the medicinal plants, and above the curandero we also see the lianas of the jungle medicine.

Paintings come with a description of the painting and symbols, and a bio of the painter.
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