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MAESTRA OLIVIA-YACHAI (Wisdom of wellknown Shipibo Maestra Olivia)

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MATERIAL: Acrylic on Canvas
DIMENSIONS: 68 x 86 cm

Maestra curandera Olivia was a great knowledgeable shaman with knowledge and wisdom of the master plants in their different varieties, such as the white and black Patiquina, Marosa, Ishanga, Toé, Piri piri, Ajo-Sacha, Aire-Sacha, Culantro-Sacha, white and red Piñón, among many other medicinal plants.

The rainforest and its plants may seem to live in a world of silence, but this is not the case. The biorhythm makes spiritual beings inhabit the plants; each plant giving shelter to many different spirits, benevolent and malevolent ones.

The benevolent spirits teach the curanderos (shamans) to cure simple, pernicious and even seemingly insoluble diseases. The headspirits of the medicinal plants know the causes that produce the diseases. They are familiar with the anatomy and physiology of the human body and know causes and solutions. They require regorous dietas (traditional plant diets) from the curanderos (shamans) that perform healings. The dieta consists of a strict, very limited intake of specific food, only two meals a day in a secluded place of the jungle, not drinking pure water, not bathing with soap, not using aromatic things like deodorants, menthol, nor using toothpaste etc.

The malevolent spirits teach the brujos (malevolent Shamans) to execute deadly witchcraft and sorceries sharpened with unsuspected cunning tricks and witchcraft/magic of very deep mysteries, executing them with evil strategies, using inducing lures that the victim does not know, believe, suspect. In that case the victim has to suffer the consequences of the witchcraft and sorceries.

In the upper-central part we two of the medicinal master plants inside a Tinaja (Shipibo vase). The medicinal radiate their potential spiritual energy inside a fire.

In the central part below we also see two great spiritual maestros called "Elder Archons". These Elder Archons are maestros for the Master Shaman Healers. They use their beards to lay down as spiritual carpets to receive their spiritual Shaman visitors and living beings from other planets.

On the top right side we see a spiritual temple, which is used for the divinity of Light and for spiritual teachings for the Shaman Healers.

On the top left side we observe a majestic spiritual Moon night, with spiritual beings called Yacu-Runas submerged inside the water. Yacu-Runa is a Quechua term which means “people of the water”. The spiritual beings that live in the depths of lakes, rivers and seas.

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