Nutria Arkana

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Noe Macedo Nolorve, 2019

Material: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 68 x 88 cm

The painting visualizes a ceremony space in which three Shipibo maestros (curanderos) are working on a reinforcement of their power and protection. One of them uses the Arkana (protection) of water with a fish otter above his head. The otter makes its appearance in the middle of the ceremony when the maestro sings his Icaros (healing songs) along with blowing the smoke from his tobacco pipe. The color of the rainbow surrounds the ceremony as if it were a belt of cleansing and protection for the ceremony.
At the top we see a brujo (whichcraft shaman) that is trying to enter into the ceremony space, using its half human appearance, standing behind the Ayahuma tree (dead man's head) with a pipe containing both toe and tobacco.
The jaguar is protecting the ceremony. With its strength it leaves footsteps that illuminate the path of the session. The spiritual doctor who is at the side of the ceremony (left) is protecting and providing cosmic planetary energy. The crown of this doctor has the appearance of the eagle with the mandala as a crown of spiritual wisdom.
The nymph woman with the pipe at the right and the hummingbird come from the spiritual cities that are located in the middle of the forest. They as well provide protection and wisdom for the session of the maestros.
The Shipibo lines are formed as a jar. These lines are lines of the ancient ancestors of the Shipibo-Conibo culture. Through these lines they can communicate with their spiritual ancestors, using them as Icaros.

Paintings come with a certificate with a description of the painting and symbols and a bio of the painter.

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